What I eat (and photograph) when I'm home

I am so blessed to have such loving parents who taught me about hard work, integrity, and humor, among other qualities. They've also passed on their appreciation for and ability to make good, wholesome food. When I call home, I hear updates on their garden and subsequent harvests of tomatoes, apriums (apricot + plum), cucumbers, zucchinis, and whatever else they've decided to plant for the year. I also hear about how they preserve the bounty to for future enjoyment: spaghetti sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, pumpkin porridge. And when I come home, there's no dearth of delicious things to eat. This visit with family has been no different. I feel extremely lucky and full.

Seeing as I want to build my food photography portfolio, I took a number of photos while home. So here's a bit of what I got to gorge myself on visually and literally!