Professional Profile Package

How we present ourselves online matters. Increasingly, our credibility is evaluated through our LinkedIn, website, and social media accounts. Jung and Celeste help you present yourself at your best with our Custom Profile Packages combining professional photographs with a tailor-written bio statement.


Basic: One professional head shot +  custom-written bio statement for your LinkedIn profile, website, and social media accounts.


Custom: package


Tomoko S.

Hi, I’m Tomoko. I’m a San Francisco-based Visual Designer who loves using my hands to create something out of nothing. I’m lucky to have grown up in Japan which has influenced my aesthetic: clean and minimalist yet powerful. Think geometric shapes and surprising color combinations. I also have a deep appreciation for illustration, typography, and iconography. Whether creating a logo or hand lettering cards for friends, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to detail.


After almost ten years of working in media marketing at a local TV company in Japan, I decided to better my English and crossed the Yokohama Bay Bridge in 2008 to come to the U.S. While living in the Bay Area, I took a class where I fell in love with how design can speak to someone without saying a word. I’m passionate about the practicality of design. But it’s also just really fun.


Since becoming a professional designer, I’ve dabbled in everything from food packaging to web design.  I value collaboration and communication, using my sales background to inform my approach. With clients, I’ve learned that taking the time to research the latest design trends and what competitors are doing ensures the message reaches the most customers in the most effective way.


Lenka Sluneckova

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Nick Wong

As a UI/UX designer based in San Francisco, I like solving problems and am always thinking about how I can improve your day-to-day life with the product I design. I started out in advertising and branding in my hometown of Bangkok, Thailand. Empathy, and your happiness, drives everything I do.

I approach design like an artist: High quality digital illustrations, utilizing geometric shapes and watercolor, are my go-to. Give me a complex, abstract idea and I’ll visualize it in a minimalist style that’s compelling and clean. 

Whether it’s a webpage or email inbox feature, I’ll spend hours on a design until it's pixel perfect. I also speak three languages: Thai, English, and Mandarin.

Check out my portfolio here: